Top 5 Android Games

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I’ve already shared my Top 5 Must Have Android apps, now it’s time for my favorite Android games!
Yes, I know you really are not always checking your email on your phone, especially at the doctor’s office.. It’s okay, your secret is safe with me!

1. Angry Birds
If you don’t know about Angry Birds, you don’t know jack. Just kidding.

Seriously, this game has been lighting app download centers on fire! It started out as a hot game for iPhone and came to the Android market earlier this year. The object of this game is to kill pigs, with birds. Using a slingshot, you aim the different birds at the pigs’ structure and knock out all of the pigs in order to move on to the next level. It has a Super Mario for the original Nintendo sort of addiction. I’ve seen people playing it at doctor’s offices, in airports, in grocery lines.. everywhere. I bet if you here, “Ugh!” and someone has a smart phone in hand, they are playing this game. They even have a Facebook Fan Page!

Just in case you have become immensely frustrated with the regular Angry Birds, they also offer a holiday edition with Santa hats, turkeys, and pumpkins.

Fun factor: 4 1/2 stars (It would be 5 if it weren’t so frustrating sometimes!)

PS – Can someone please tell me how to kill the pigs with helmets?

2. Lettered
I’m addicted to word games. When I have 3-5 minutes to kill, I’ll play a round of a word game, usually this one.
There are two modes: Trickle and Timechase.

In Trickle mode, connect the letters to make words. As letters are used, they disappear and new letters keep falling down. Rotating the phone shifts the letters on the board, allowing for more words and/or longer words.

In Timechase mode, the goal is to form as many words via a 4×4 through 6×6 grid of letters in 3 minutes.

Fun factor: 5 stars

3. Word Mix Lite

Told you I love word games… Word Mix comes in a paid-for and free version (lite). I only use free apps, for now at least.
In this game, you have 2 minutes to make as many words from the given 6 letters. Like other word mix games, you can shuffle the letters, obtain hints, and use the “last” button to quickly display the last guessed word.
Word Mix also integrates with Feint, which allows you to submit an awesome score to the worldwide score board.

Fun factor: 4 1/2 stars
I wish you could shake the phone to shuffle the letters. That’s all.

4. Big Sport Fishing Lite
Okay, so you are probably not too surprised that this app made my top 5 list. I love fishing, but I can’t get out on the boat every day. This is a great alternative, and I don’t have to clean any fish or change dirty bait! (Okay, I don’t do that anyways..)
In this game, you are on a boat with a picturesque view of the water, a lighthouse, and a grassy marsh. Using the internal compass, you can move around in the water, toss the rod to the left or right, and more. Basically, you choose your bait, then toss the reel using your phone as if you were really throwing out the line, rell in the line so it’s taught, and wait to snag a fish. The phone vibrates when a fish is near the hook, and it vibrates even harder once the fish has been hooked. You move your finger up and down over the reel on the screen to reel in the fish, and you can adjust the tightness of line by pulling back on the phone. Just like real fishing.

Once you are done fishing, you can sell the fish at the market and buy more bait. The new bait allows you to catch bigger fish, which you can turn in at the market for more bait and higher points.

The boys in my life, from 4-44 years of age, all love this game.

Fun factor: 5 stars

It will drain your batter quickly, so be prepared for a recharge if you decide to whip this game out at a party.

5. What the Doodle?!
Not only do I love word games, but I love Pictionary. What the Doodle?! is an online version of Pictionary where you can play in a public room with 4 others, or set up your own private room to challenge your friends.
Each person receives a word in which they must draw. You can change the color and size of the marker, as well as draw with shapes. Everyone else tries to guess what you are drawing. You earn points as people correctly guess the word that you draw, and as you guess the correct word of others’ works of art.

It’s a good dose of mindless fun and plenty of giggles.

Fun Factor: 5 stars

There it is.. you now know what I do in my spare time, waiting in line at the grocery store, while pumping gas, or chillin on my couch.

Up next…. Top 5 Android Kids Games!

What are your favorite Android Games?

5 Must-have Android Apps

Posted by on December 30, 2010 at 10:00 am

So there’s no surprise that I’m a huge Android fan. I love my DroidX. So much so that I cradle it as I lay sleeping at night. No kidding.

I keep receiving requests for favorite Android apps, so here it goes!

1. TweetCaster by Handmark
I love this Twitter app! I have tried to use TweetDeck, but it constantly crashes or hangs. And it’s sloooow. I just haven’t been able to get used to HootSuite. I’ve tried since it first came out for the desktop and we just don’t jive. UberTwitter is great for the Blackberry, but you don’t have lists. Well, not easily. But TweetCaster… TweetCaster is awesome. Plus I love the cute little birdie sitting on top of the microphone when it launches!
Seriously, here’s why I love TweetCaster:
– Integrated Twitter Lists
– Facebook Integration
– Multi-account management
– RT with comments as an option
– Awesome graphical interface that makes it easy to tweet, read @replies and DMs, view lists, and quickly review favorites.
– Easy to view tweeter profiles
– Ability to share a tweet with other networks. (!!!)

2. Advanced Task Killer
The debate is out whether you need a task killer or not for Android.. My experience is yes, download a task killer to save your battery from some unnecessary stress. This app allows you to quickly disable specific applications running at any given time, or better yet, disable all apps directly from the Home screen.
Why I love this app:
– Easy to use
– I can choose the apps and services to stop
– I can turn off all apps with one tap of the Android dude on the Home screen
– The ignore list let’s me choose which apps to never turn off
– Ability to choose the auto kill level
– Security controls

Android: Full Steam Ahead

Posted by on December 29, 2010 at 10:34 am
Lego Android

Today, released unofficial numbers around Android apps. According to the article, the Android app market has now surpassed 200,000 apps. This is astounding, given that it took 2 years to get to 100,000 apps, and a mere 2 months to reach the 200,000 mark.

This is interesting, especially since Apple’s app store has over 300,000 apps. It’s also an interesting stat given the tight requirements the Android market has. An app can only appear in the Android market after it has reached a specific download quantity and satisfaction rating. This is not necessarily the case with all apps in the Apple app store.

This has everyone asking, “How did Android get here so fast?”

Well, I have a few opinions…