About Katie B. Roberts

me1 Hey there! I’m Katie Roberts, a no-nonsense marketing professional working my way through this little thing called life. Here you will find my take on things from the business world while drizzling stories of my life experiences and favorite pastimes. I write about marketing and communications trends, tips on leadership, and share my favorite quotes. I share photos of my adventures, favorite recipes, kitchen gadgets, and the results of my creativity time. I love having a dialog, so make sure you leave comments and share with your networks!

Quick Stats

  • Live in the Baltimore, MD region
  • 10 years of B2B & B2C marketing, communications, community engagement, strategic planning and business development under my belt
  • Have spoken to audiences of 5-500 on just about anything and everything technical and marketing related
  • Currently seeking the next big opportunity to spread my wings (Read: Looking for a job)
  • Lifelong learner, expanding and stretching my wings on a routine basis
  • Love therapeutic time in my craft space, fishing on the Patuxent River, watching sunsets, cooking, and reading poolside

  • What I Bring to the Business Table

    I’m an forward-thinking, energetic, passionate, idea-to-execution professional with experience in bridging the gap between sales and marketing. I think strategically to grow the company and its’ people.

    I have an entrepreneurial mindset that challenges status quo and brings new ideas and new media to the mix. I’m not afraid of trying new things, but understand that “tried and true” is that way for a reason.

    I’m a true believer in the power of the people, which is why I spend a lot of time building communities both online and offline.

    I will not work for a company that I don’t believe in, or support a product that is sub par. Because I’m not afraid of sticking my foot through a doorway, everyone always knows who I work for and what they offer.

    Consider me a professional opportunity knocker.

    What I Bring to the Lunch Table

    My kind bigheartedness has earned me many special friendships over the years that I am sure I will take to my grave.

    I’m a great story teller with many life lessons that I’m always ready to share. Tears, Laughter, and the whole nine yards.

    I speak the truth; some call me a shot of truth serum.

    I love getting back to my roots of my Russian/Slovakian heritage, days of the tobacco and animal farm, and growing up on the Patuxent River.

    My love for baking transcends to frequent deliveries of desserts.

    My passion for creating art from paper and ink allows me to express my feelings for family, friends, and colleagues that I often don’t do well in dialogue.

    How to Reach Katie B. Roberts

    Email Me: karobelle@hotmail.com
    Call Me: 301-775-8278

    Connect with me: Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook