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Super Bowl XLV Commercials in Review: Top 5 Best and Worst

Published on February 7, 2011 By Katie B. Roberts

The 2011 Super Bowl ads were dominated by cars, TV shows, and movie trailers. Overall, I was disappointed with the quality of the commercials. It was obvious that advertising budgets have been slashed. Social media let me down, too. Only 2 commercials drove people to continue the commercial online, while a handful of brands displayed […]

Marketing 2011: Predictions from the Field

Published on December 15, 2010 By Katie B. Roberts

So we just read about my takes on 2010…. onto 2011.

No doubt that 2011 will be a game changing year, again. It will be interesting to see how the trends in marketing evolve, how the new technologies still to come will play the game, and how businesses will respond to the constant change in the industry.

Here’s what I predict:

Marketing Monday: What’s in the cards for 2011?

Published on December 15, 2010 By Katie B. Roberts

2010 was an exciting year for marketing professionals. The acceleration of technology has paved the way for many marketing professionals to stretch and become more aligned with customers. Think about how far social media has come this year.
Mobile marketing is moving into many marketing plans.
Leveraging brand ambassadors has never been easier.
Listening to our customers is more than focus groups and market research.
Wow. I can’t believe how much the profession has evolved in one single year!